Stores Fight Proposed Federal Ban on Spice, 'Legal Marijuana'

Rozga's mother along with father say he took their own lifestyle after smoking K2 purchased with a suburban buying mall.

"They don't care that they will damage or what they do," stated Rozga's father Mike throughout urging Congress for you to ban your chemicals.

The store shops trade group says the ban would send your trade "underground" and will be also unnecessary because most shops won't offer for you to any person below your ages of 18.

"Teenagers don't belong touching this stuff," said the actual group's executive director Dan Francis.

Yet, as a component of your "20/20" investigative report, any 14-year-old plus a 16-year-old wearing undercover cameras in The Huge Apple and also Los Angeles were easily capable of acquire K2 and also Spice from store stores.

The clerk of 1 retailer along Venice Beach in Los Angeles admitted he we had not inquired for just concerning any valid ID as well as conceded it was incorrect pertai…

Herbal Supplements Crackdown: Some Brands May Be Misleading Video

Reporter: the statement says the shop manufacturers of ginkgo biloba and St.

Transcript with regard to Herbal Supplements Crackdown: Several Brand Names Might Become Misleading

To any crackdown about popular herbal supplements. This is actually harmful if there's some thing within anyone didn't anticipate and an individual are allergic to. target telling us, it's committed to be able to providing substantial high quality along with safe products. Walmart says it's reaching out for the suppliers and can consider appropriate action. Gnc says it is an acronym simply by its items and the kinds regarding exams employed is probably not appropriate with regard to these herbal products. Is that dangerous. Reporter: Many folks just take herbal supplements prior to before you decide to pop the pill these days you wo uld like to watch this report. Practically 80% with the state's test outcomes discovered a shop manufacturer supplements tested did not contain what is outline…

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