Stores Fight Proposed Federal Ban on Spice, 'Legal Marijuana'

Rozga's mother along with father say he took their own lifestyle after smoking K2 purchased with a suburban buying mall.

"They don't care that they will damage or what they do," stated Rozga's father Mike throughout urging Congress for you to ban your chemicals.

The store shops trade group says the ban would send your trade "underground" and will be also unnecessary because most shops won't offer for you to any person below your ages of 18.

"Teenagers don't belong touching this stuff," said the actual group's executive director Dan Francis.

Yet, as a component of your "20/20" investigative report, any 14-year-old plus a 16-year-old wearing undercover cameras in The Huge Apple and also Los Angeles were easily capable of acquire K2 and also Spice from store stores.

The clerk of 1 retailer along Venice Beach in Los Angeles admitted he we had not inquired for just concerning any valid ID as well as conceded it was incorrect pertaining to him for you to offer into a 16-year-old boy.

Asked concerning the achievable consequences, the actual clerk advised ABC News, "nothing good."

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In March, Sen.

Arguing in which the government features absolutely no "right to regulate euphoria," the coalition involving retail store retailers will be fighting federal efforts in order to ban your sale regarding products that mimic the results of marijuana, such as K2, Spice and also Potpourri.

The goods possess grow for you to be widely known for you to senior higher school students along with members in the military as "legal marijuana" that won't be visible on drug tests and are marketed at malls, convenience shops and also gasoline stations pertaining to among $15 and $85.

"I'd prefer to inquire the actual government, what's incorrect using euphoria as well as which gave all of them the best for you to regulate it," said Dan Francis, executive director associated with The Actual Retail Store Compliance Association, the trade team that represents list stores selling the chemical concoctions.

In interviews t o become broadcast in "20/20" Friday, Francis says your K2 as well as Spice items "are a lot less harmful than, let's say, peanuts" along together with other food items that may trigger allergic reactions.

Francis says your chemicals help make customers feel as good as "when you bite in in order to a peanut butter as well as jelly sandwich and also you have in which sensation of, man that's good." Francis failed to concede which stores were promoting these products being ingested, as well as mentioned the particular euphoria could result via getting in the space where the items are now being burned.

But federal law enforcement officials and many doctors repeat the goods -- utilizing chemicals manufactured mostly inside China along with sprayed upon incense along with dried leaves which can be smoked -- tend to be far more effective as compared to actual marijuana and can generate dangerous facet effects.

"K2 and also Spice are usually tremendously, tremendously psychoactive drugs," mentioned Dr.

. M. "People, which includes any younger Iowan, have got died or perhaps been critically injured since associated with this product."

Grassley's legislation is termed pertaining to 18-year previous David Rozga regarding Indianola, Iowa. David Lewis, the particular health-related director with the Visions Adolescent Therapy Middle in Malibu, California, certainly 1 of many drug centers which document getting flooded through teens addicted towards the so-called "legal marijuana."

WATCH Retailers Offer Spice In Order To Teens

"If you're taking a new creating brain and also you put the tremendously psychoactive substance within the middle of that, that creating brain, what you really have can end up being a chemistry experiment," Dr. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, co-chairman with the Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control, introduced legislation for you to ban the particular chemicals commonly utilized in producing th e particular products.

"People are usually acquiring this drug consequently easily in the neighborhood mall as well as on-line that they feel it's safe," said Grassley


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