Will Trump administration work for women's issues with Ivanka Trump in the White House? Video

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Now Playing: Intelligence community reacts to report of Trump leak

Now Playing: Donald Trump Meets With Climate Advocate Al Gore

Now Playing: White House disputes report Trump revealed classified information to Russians

Now Playing: Trump thought Comey firing would be 'very popular'

Now Playing: White House tries to put FBI chief's firing behind them

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Now Playing: President Trump's decision to fire FBI Director Comey sends White House into chaos

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No w Playing: Trump's FBI firing brings Watergate comparisons

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Now Playing: Trump says process of selecting the next FBI director is 'moving rapidly'

Now Playing: Trump revealed classified information to Russians: report

Now Playing: Karl on new FBI director: President knows he needs someone that's 'politically bulletproof'

Now Playing: GOP senators react to report Trump revealed classified info to Russians

Now Playing: Washington Post reports Trump shared highly classified information with the Russians

Now Playing: Travel ban judges scrutinize Trump's Muslim statements

Now Playing: Constitutional law professor Laurence Tribe: Trump 'regards himself as above the law'

Now Playing: President Trump says he didn't demand loyalty from former FBI Director Comey

Now Playing: Federal judges to hear appeal on Trump's revised travel ban


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